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CTlearn is a Decentralized and Simplified Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a stand alone web application designed For Online Learning, to compliment the physical classroom activities, with it's robust features, it has served our happy customers.

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Solutions CTlearn Provides

Unlike other Visual Learning Environments, CTlearn User Interface (UI) is simplified making it easier to navigate the system thereby helping those with low IT knowledge to use the platform without series of training.

Being a decentralized Visual Learning Environment (VLE) will help solve the learning cultural differences that exist within our schools and Higher Institutions.

A customized version of CTlearn will be installed in the cloud for each University and High Schools. This will give management full control over the learning processes between the Teachers and Students.

CTlearn will be the first to define simplicity for our schools and institutions, just as iPhone was not the first smartphone but it became the first smartPhone that defines simplicity for the entire smartphone industry that has lasted over a decade.

CTlearn User Interface (UI) makes it easier for teachers with lower IT skills to easily navigate within the entire system without undergoing several training on how to use CTlearn.

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Well Simplified UI

Learning Culture

Advance Technology

Schools / Institution Controls

Decentralize, Well Simplified UI, Learning Culture, Advance Technology, Schools or Institution Controls.

Take the next step toward your school growth with us.

We provide Virtual Learning for high institutions (Universities) and Secondary (High) Schools, helping the student to prepare for the world ahead with the experience they gather while using the platform, it creates a well grounded experience of learning with counterparts around the world.